Rebecca Morley: Catch Her If You Can

Rebecca Morley is a young woman with a lot on her plate. This dynamo with a bright smile and energy to spare is an on-the-go executive, newlywed, athlete and community advocate.  Add to this, a full roster of friends and colleagues she enjoys socializing with, and you see a woman who has mastered the recipe for success.

Rebecca Morley

Lucky husband, Dave was able to catch the lovely Rebecca Morley who is now stepping into the kitchen to the delight of friends and family.

Yet there was one recipe Rebecca hadn’t quite mastered  — that would be a real recipe — of any sort.  By her own admission, cooking was something she would rather leave to the talented restaurant chefs in her Washington Square neighborhood.

Always one to accept a challenge though, she set aside her fear and embraced what she considers a rite of passage: the dinner party.

After hearing about Dine In Help Out from a colleague, she planned a girl’s night for five friends.  For menu inspiration, she chose healthy foods that are featured in the weekly Farm to Families food boxes.

Kimberly Hallman

Cheers! Guest Kim Hallman enjoys a kale shake prepared by Rebecca.

Dinner started with a kale and veggie “shake” and quinoa salad with avocado and fresh corn. Roast chicken and a tomato and mozzarella salad with homemade pesto rounded out the meal.

But it was the key lime pie she “whipped up” from scratch that was the real surprise of the night.  “It was easy,” she laughs.  “Who knew I could even make a key lime pie, much less enjoy doing it?  It was delicious and I actually had fun… shocking!”

And while she’s not ready to give up dining around town just yet, hosting a Dine In has given her the confidence to unleash her inner culinary goddess.

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