How serious is the food problem in North Philadelphia?

Living in one of the hungriest neighborhoods in America, North Philadelphia families are literally starving for nutrition. It is among the 10 poorest places in the country, and poorer than any other in Pennsylvania – more than half of the families served live on $25,000 or less annually. At the same time, 70% of children there are obese or overweight, in part because of their lack of access to healthy food options.

Why should I sign up to be a Dine In, Help Out Host?

When you sign up to be a Host, you are choosing to generate awareness and support for the food access initiative at St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children which benefits children and families in North Philadelphia. It is a great opportunity to bring your community of friends together to help improve their nutrition, eating choices, and access to information that will change their lives. Being a Host means that you choose to make an impact on the lives of thousands of people right here in Philadelphia.

What are my Hosting Responsibilities?

Anytime throughout the year, we’re asking you to forgo one day or night of dining out, and invite your community of friends to join you for a meal at your home. The time commitment depends on the type of event you are comfortable organizing. Check out the Dine In, Help Out website to see what other Hosts have done.

How much does it cost?

As a Dine In Host, your contribution includes inviting friends and family to your home and providing a communal meal. The cost of any food purchased to prepare your meal may be tax-deductible, so keep your receipts! In turn, your Dine In guests will be encouraged to donate dollars they would have spent at a restaurant to support the Farm to Families program. The actual donation amount is up to each individual.

How will the money raised help?

Dine In, Help Out proceeds benefit Farm to Families, a St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children program that increases access to fresh, healthy, affordable food in North Philadelphia while educating families about healthy eating options. It also supports the involvement of physicians who are prescribing and connecting kids and families to opportunities that will integrate nutrition into their daily lives and create positive behavior change.

How successful was Dine In, Help Out in year one?

Since June 2011, 900 Dine In, Help Out participants have raised $81,000 for Farm to Families. More than 130 tons of fresh food have been distributed to nearly 2,000 families since the program’s launch in June 2010, thanks in part to the dedication of our Hosts and supporters.

How can I help spread the word?

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share you Dine In planning updates, recipes and photos.

How can I involve my company?

We encourage you to invite co-workers to your Dine In, or ask them to host their own. You can also start a friendly Dine In, Help Out fundraising competition in your work place, or among other companies in your industry. Corporate sponsorships, matching contributions and other opportunities for involvement are available. For more information, please call Megan Lepore, Development Director, at 215-568-1126.

What are the next steps?

Once you’ve signed up to be a Dine In, Help Out Host, start planning a Dine In date and inviting your friends and family. Check dineinhelpout.org regularly for planning resources, and updates on the spread of the movement.

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