Talking Points for Our Hosts

Are you  interested in hosting a ‘Dine In’? For your reference, St. Christopher’s Foundation has put together the following talking points about the movement:


I’m supporting a new movement spearheaded by St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children – it’s called ‘Dine In, Help Out’ – and I want to personally extend an invitation for you to be involved.

The concept

Anytime throughout the year, friends and families all across the Philadelphia region are skipping one night of dining out, joining together to ‘Dine In,’ and ‘Helping Out’ by donating dollars they would have spent at a restaurant to help bring affordable, fresh, healthy food into North Philadelphia homes.

The cause

North Philadelphia is one of the hungriest neighborhoods in America. It’s also among the 10 poorest places in the country and poorer than any other in Pennsylvania. At the same time, 70 percent of children there are obese and overweight, in part because of their lack of access to healthy food options. North Philadelphia families are literally starving for nutrition.

The ask

I’m going  to be a ‘Dine In’ Host. And I’d like to invite you –  my friends and family – to my home and provide a communal meal.

  • There are lots of pre-packaged resources to make hosting easy, from sample invitations and theme ideas, to menus and recipes and healthy shopping tips.

Your ‘Dine In’ guests will be encouraged to donate to St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children.

  • The actual donation amount is up to each individual.
  • Proceeds benefit Farm to Families, a St. Christopher’s Foundation fresh food share program that supports the health and well-being of North Philadelphia families.

Learn more

  • All the information you need about getting involved with the movement is at
  • Can we count you in?